This morning I prayed for you and me. ‎I prayed you learn to love me and I do the same toward you. I prayed you heal. I prayed I learn to forgive.

I ask whatever insecurities, fear and hatred we both have toward one another is removed. I ask when you see me, and I see you, we see one another through blind eyes. Instead of you seeing me as black, and me seeing you as white, we don’t see any color at all.

We talk about a place called Heaven. You say you’re going. I say I’m going. Will we still hate one another in Heaven? Isn’t this a place where we all live in peace? Would our God separate you from me and me from you? Will we still fear, fight and hate one another there? If so, that isn’t Heaven, it is Hell. ‎I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in Hell.

Wow! Can you imagine the day when we all see one another as humans and equals; brothers and sisters; friends and family? I cannot wait. What about you? Aren’t you tired? I am. I’m tired of accusing you of being a racist. I’m tired of you being fearful of me. I’m tired of the slander, lies, malice, disgust and alienation. I’m tired of the stereotypes we both have created and stated.

‎I’m praying for you. Will you pray for me and with me? Can we decide we may disagree, but not to judge? Will you get to know me and I’ll get to know you? Together there is so much we can do.

‎If you won’t pray for me, I’ll pray for you. I’m going to be the change I want to see. Even if you judge me…I’ll do my best not to judge you. I can’t say my life matters and disregard yours. This is not me being weak, it is me being strong in love. It will not be easy. As a matter of fact, this will be hard, but I am willing to forgive you. I will love you. I will embrace all that we are together, instead of apart. Author – Gina Grant