Body statue has been an issue that torments everyone, but more common in women. Just look at how many women post pictures of themselves and body images online. Or how the cosmetic industry encourages us to go out and buy the latest and greatest product. It is sad, but most of us are never satisfied with our true beauty within.

I remember growing up as a child, wondering if my sister and I would have a distant relationship because of society’s view on the “perfect” shape and watching my mother and aunts relationship in earlier years.

My mom was ( I use the term “was” strongly LOL) petite and my aunt was more heavyset. I felt there were underlying issues with the way others viewed them and the pressure to have the “perfect” body statue, versus focusing on their personal attributes. There were those who looked at my mom and said she had the perfect body; even though she was underweight. They looked at my aunt and said she was overweight. Luckily, they both had and have very high self esteem and never allowed themselves to be defined by their body types. This is not to say there wasn’t a little jealousy on both their parts.

My mom often desired the voluptuous curves my aunt had, and my aunt often wondered what it would be like to be thinner. This leads me to fast forward to my own life. My sister and I dealt with the same situation. I was thin, and she…well, she’s had to battle her weight most of her life. My mind often questioned if my sister felt the same way about me, the way my mom and aunt felt (I took the physique of my mother and she took my aunt’s). Truth be told, growing up, I was always jealous of my sister, just like my mom was jealous of her sister. I thought she was prettier and more humble than me. Her charisma has always embraced me.

I remember standing in my parent’s room conversing, my words, “I feel like a trophy, whereas Bri has a normal life”. Of course, my parents laughed hysterically and often joke about it to this day. I was trying to express the stigma of thinner is better, according to society, has often affected my relationships. I was often overlooked by my personality and level of intelligence and accepted based on looks. I actually get annoyed when people say, “You are beautiful! You can have anything you want”. Hello! Did you forget intelligent?!? I often felt my sister had more stable relationships and was seen for her true personality. Don’t get me wrong, she is gorgeous inside and out. She has a personality that is brighter than the North Star. Yet, because she is is heavier, she is often treated or looked at differently. This did not and still does not seem to bother my sister. She is comfortable with who she is.

I on the other hand like most women in American feel insecure with my body. Look at Kim Kardashian, she has money, fame, and claims the love of her life…yet, she continues to focus of her outer, instead of her inner beauty. Sad. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize there is no such thing at the perfect body. We all know someone who is constantly trying to fix their body or change their look.

How many of us look at celebrities, models or the girl or woman walking down the street and say, “I wish I looked like that.” I’ve been guilty.
You see, other’s saw me as a trophy for my looks. I had to learn I’m more than a pretty face. We all should. I’m a trophy for all the gifts I was born with that bring joy to myself and those I encounter. In short, we all have the ability to be the sparkling trophy on the shelf when we embrace our entire self.

I’ll leave you with this thought: “Embrace You And Celebrate The Brilliance Within!”