This crazy ride of building a brand and media company has its ups and downs. Someday’s I’m excited about all the progress. Then there are the days when I simply want to have a tea party in traffic!

Well, this past Friday was a good day. We had our pre awards show reception at the Dallas, Carolina Hererra store located at North Park Mall.

I started wearing the line about two years ago. I simply fell in love with their lifestyle line. The shoes and handbags are to die for. I’m a huge shoe love. I honestly can say she has the most comfortable heels a girl will ever wear; and they are sexy too!

It was a try honor to have our brand associated with such an ironic and classic line as Carolina Hererra. ‎It was also another accomplish of growth.

Not only did we announce our plans for our November 13, 2016, “Women That Soar” Awards, in honor of March being National Women’s History Month, two female owned companies coming together to support one another.

Those in attendance shopped with a purpose. Carolina Hererra gave ten percent off to all shoppers and donated ten percent to my charity of choice. ‎The power of women!

WTS is often approach by different brands who want to partner. From day one I’ve been very selective. You would have thought we were a household name. LOL! I did this because I knew and know, one day we will be. Therefore, I had and have to see us where I want us to be, not where we are.

This is very difficult. I have to turn away and turn down individuals that could help pay the bills (This is why I stated having a tea party in traffic). It is not easy. There are sleepless nights and days when I cry enough tears to end any drought.

Yet, after events like tonight it is all worth it! For those of you who have a dream, don’t give up. Have faith. Create a plan. Work like crazy, and ask for help.

Until Next Time!
Continue To Soar!