The Journey Within – When God Speaks

The Journey Within – When God Speaks

During a recent morning devotion, I thanked God and said, “I want to see Your face and hear Your voice the way Moses did.” Not realizing what I just spoke into existence, I felt a sense of peace. Little did I know that a huge responsibility lay before me.

Later that day, I attended a meeting to discuss the (WTS) brand. My intention was to run in and out of the meeting. Unfortunately, my daughter was experiencing car issues and needed my help. Time after time, I tried to disengage and excuse myself from the meeting, but for some reason I wasn’t able to pull myself away from the conversation. As the meeting progressed, one of the consultants shared many great ideas on how to grow the WTS brand. In response, I said, “I know all that I need to do; however, I will only do it if I am branded as my true, authentic self. I want women to know and understand that everyone – I mean everyone – has a story. And, every story is not always pretty.”

As we continued sharing, one of the consultants said she wanted her entrepreneurial pursuits to be successful so she did not have to return to Corporate America. “Don’t speak that or think it,”I exclaimed. “I left Corporate America at 23. I was a single mom with three kids. I have never gone back. Not once.”

And with that comment, it hit me. Ever since that day, I have heard God’s voice and have seen His face. He speaks to me while I navigate this crazy journey of being an entrepreneur. He guides my steps – even when I make decisions without consulting Him. He has shown me His face, His favor, His faithfulness. He has provided for me; even when I was literally down to my last penny.

These thoughts lead me to this story. There was a time when I was dumb and stupid. When I was younger, I was engaged to a very charismatic guy from Los Angeles. He could con the devil. In awe of his personality, I foolishly added him to my bank account and we moved into a beautiful condominium.

For a while life was good. We bounced back and forth between Dallas, San Diego, and Los Angeles. We dined at the finest restaurants and shopped like nobody’s business. He was my type of guy. I had finally met someone who fit my criteria. NOT!

I had met a swindler. A good one. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way.

One day, my kids and I returned home to nothing. I immediately ran to the phone and called the bank. The automated recording said I had a balance of $.99. The swindler had wiped me out o‎f thousands of dollars.

I ran to the kitchen. This charismatic guy took all of the food, as well as the pots and pans. All that was left was a bottle of ketchup, mayo, and salt and pepper. Immediately, I said, “God help me.” At the time, God and I were not on a first name basis. He knew me. I knew of Him. Nevertheless, in that moment, I had to call on Him.

My next call was to my now husband. At that time, we were not together but, I knew he would not want his children or me to go without our basic needs being met. He bought groceries and made sure we were all right.

Finally, I placed a call to my cousin. I asked her to buy all the fish she could afford. I told her I was flat broke, so I was going to sell fried fish plates. For more than a month, we sold fried fish plates to local churches, barbers, and hairstylists (they called them beauticians back then!). I made enough money to pay my bills and to sign a new public relations client. This was more than 20 years ago.

I share this story because there are tons of women entrepreneurs. We network and attend seminars to learn how to be a success. I do not believe success can be taught. I believe it must be achieved. To acquire true success, we must have faith, work hard, be disciplined, and listen when God speaks.

Until Next Time Continue To Soar