I believe dancers are some of the strongest people on the face of the earth. They train 8 to 12 hours a day. It is the most rigorous training ( I should know. I’m a former dancer).

The goal is to perfect an art and sculpt your body to move effortlessly while performing pirouettes, leaps, and perfecting a pointe technique, where you put all your body weight on the tips of fully extended feet in pointe shoes. This is not easy. It requires year’s of training; discipline, determination and strength.

‎Most dancers make the artistry seem simple. Their bodies glide through the air. You see lifts and turns that make you want to get up and put on your dancing shoes. Yet, every dancer knows the blood, sweat and tears it takes to perfect each move. It is the challenge of doing the impossible that drives them.

I often refer back to my days as a dancer when I’m faced with a challenge or have to overcome an obstacle. Especially, when others tell me it’s not possible or I can’t. I remind myself that at one point in my life I could extend my pointe to the highest level, hold my body weight, and sometimes carry the weight of others. If I could do that then, there isn’t anything I can’t do now.

The only difference, I know longer rely on my own strength. Now, the strength I seek and rely on comes from my heavenly Father. I know He is far stronger than I ever was or will be. When I don’t see a way out, I simply turn it all over to Him. I let Him know my every need. I have faith that He will provide accordingly.

I have met and spoken to so many women in today’s society who are caring burdens and weight they shouldn’t have to bare; not because we’re not strong, simply because it’s not for us to carry. Personally, I know longer want to lift my own weight or the weight of others. I want to turn it all over to the person who is far stronger.

I want to give it all to the Father above. He can carry it and I will move through life effortlessly; like a dancer. This does not mean life will be easy. It certainly does not mean I or we won’t face obstacles. It means when we do, we will be in awe of how when we simply let go and let God. All things come together as they should.

Until Next Time, Continue To Soar!