Mindful Abundance submitted by Kristin Meekhof, LMSW

Last week in Virginia, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of female solo entrepreneurs about mindful abundance. To some, mindful abundance may seem like an oxymoron; however, if you are self- employed chances are thoughts of abundance often cross your radar. And as an independent, contractor there is a strong likelihood that you’ve made some significant financial sacrifices along your journey. And I understand that kindness underlies all that you do. However, financial pressure is very real, and the body tends to swarm with stress at the mere mention of scarcity. And not addressing issues of wealth means you continue to live in fear, so, in order to be in on the flow of abundance, I suggest that you strengthen your prosperity portal.

I believe often the problem is not that you lack the ability to generate a particular income, but the struggle comes in how you support your portal to abundance. To embrace wealth means that you not only care about money, but you attend to its energy. Money is not a dirty word.  Let me repeat: money is not a dirty word. Look at how you greet the word “money”: Do you blush? Does your heart skip a beat? Do sigh? My point here is that if you pay attention to how you engage with money, you will begin to recognize why you may be signing over abundance to others. When you avoid the language and energy of finances, this blocks you from prosperity because you are engaging with fear.

Think about your prosperity portal as a muscle that requires care. I would argue that your income challenge occurs when you don’t spend time nourishing your financial life. One of the best ways to encourage growth is to become transparent with yourself. Be honest about your financial status and fears. It is valuable to understand that you can’t evolve to your fullest potential on wishful thinking or half- truths. Be honest about what you desire. Achievement is a function of ordinary life and it doesn’t have to be burden when you take time to usher in the things the support success: relationships, lightness of being, passion and transparency.

When you embrace transparency you allow truth to become the nucleus of your being. And this may mean that when you receive the call to volunteer to teach a class that is scheduled for the exact same time you have an offer to practice for pay, you choose the later not because you are self- centered but because you know the stress that comes with not being able to make ends meet. Valuing your work and receiving payment for it is smart. You meticulously position yourself to be in on the flow. And later in the week, when no one is looking you do clean up the mess a stranger left behind.

Strengthening your abundance portal, means you are connected to all truths; hence, you are living in love.  Sometimes the most damage occurs when you lie to yourself. In scarcity, your presence is dominated by darkness. And even your smallest acts are guided by fear. Illuminate your being by becoming open to the questions. Ask yourself: What blocks your light? Why won’t you ask for assistance? What restricts your truth? What do you echo?  Because chances are the things you list are the very items that bound your growth. When you acquire more you can give more.  For example, there are times you don’t evolve because you didn’t ask. Reaching out and seeking guidance becomes your greatest asset.

In closing, be present for yourself. We are all students of this enigma called life.  Don’t be afraid to be in on the flow of mindful abundance and strengthen your portal to abundance with wise acts. And finally, go forth and illuminate the world with your very being.

Kristin Meekhof is a speaker, writer and author of the book, “A Widow’s Guide to Healing”. She knows that gratitude is the answer to every question and is a licensed master’s level social worker.