We live in a world of uncertainty, a world where most of us are connected 24/7; never disconnecting for down time or a moment of silence. Personally, I prefer living life at a slower pace. A life that allows me to disconnect from all the noise and distractions around me. A life where I enjoy and embrace peace on earth. When I’m able to do this, I find myself in a place of peace; I feel more at peace within. I’m easier to talk to, work with, and be more of a servant. When I’m caught up in everything around me, I become short with those I love, and encounter. I know this is not how I want to live. Therefore, it’s necessary for me to change.

I was once told by a former mentor, “Once you’re done, you’re done.” For a minute, his comment bothered me; I contemplated what he said for hours. Then, I realized that it wasn’t a bad thing, but rather good. I don’t remove people from my life without reason. Before the line is drawn, I have multiple conversations with the individual to reach a resolution. I only remove people or things from my life when it becomes unhealthy, mentally, emotionally or financially. Where other’s may see this as harsh, I see it as a good thing; I see it as wisdom and maturity. What if we all took time to evaluate the people and circumstances in our lives, and truly eliminated all the things that cause us harm? There’d certainly be a great deal of therapists in the unemployment line.

Many of us suffer from anxiety, because we refuse to eliminate the clutter in our lives. Instead, we allow it to accumulate. This type of behavior and mentality does not encourage peace, instead, it creates chaos. We’ve all experienced anxiety and/or depression; it is part of being human. When depression and anxiety overwhelm us, we must ask ourselves, “What’s my role in all this? How do I change?” Once we ask the right questions, we must be willing to make the necessary changes, if we desire a place of peace.