Dr. Daphne McQuarter

daphneDr. Daphne McQuarter

Dr. Daphne McQuarter, or affectionately referred to as Dr.D, is known to leave you in thought provoking moments that will shift your life to freedom. A true believer that everyone’s life has a purpose, it is her passion to nudge you in the place where you are to embark upon the journey of freedom and self discovery with her. A highly sought after speaker, coach, healer and activist, she has traveled the globe with her message of FREEdom and is literally the voice for thousands of women and girls who don’t have one. As the creator and advocate of “I Am Her Voice”, she is able to speak for the thousands of girls who have gone through Sex Trafficking and bring them to literal freedom.

A mother of two amazing girls,Blogger, Freedom Chick and Activist for women and girls rights, Dr. D has used her wisdom to transform lives. Founder of Free 2B Me ~ Women’s Freedom Network & FREEdomCHiCKs Network, she’s been provoking women to heal from the inside out in order to become better wives, moms and leaders in their communities. Dr.D is the founder of The Global Woman Network and Sister Circles, a freedom group that connects women as a form of support in business. Her topnotch and highly sought out workshops on the SIX Figures to FREEdom, teaches women how to function as Entrepreneurs or in Corporate America, enabling them to learn how to earn six figures and do it as a FREE Woman without the mask of society. She is also the co-founder and co-host of TEDx Balch DriveWomen as well as a TEDx Speaker.

Out of her own pain Dr. D birthed “I Am Her Voice” to rescue girls from Sex Trafficking in the United States and it would become her greatest work and passion for the past 20 years. Also the creator of the global hashtag #BringBackOurGirls that sparked a Nationwide movement from First Lady Michelle Obama and The White House to Foreign officials, raising awareness on International Issues upon the capture of over 200 Nigerian School Girls. She is also an advocate for Women sexually assaulted on college campuses. Her efforts has reached every state in the U.S., as well as Jordan, Dubai, The Netherlands, Thailand and India.

Her relentless pursuits to free girls of this atrocious crime, Dr. D. founded the U.S. Senators Conference on Trafficking, The National Human Sex Trafficking Conference and the Survivor to College Scholarship, providing a $47,000 yearly scholarship for survivors. Most recently Dr. D has expanded her International efforts launching through “I Am Her Voice”, providing over 15,000 books to Syrian Refugee Children in Refugee Camps on the Syrian/Jordanian Border, and is working diligently to build a school for Syrian Refugee Children. Her organization currently hosts over seven safe houses it the U.S. and is the only program that offers full services to minor girls (under 17) in the U.S.

She has been awarded the Loudoun 40 Under 40 Award, Women to Watch GA, Women to Watch CA, U.S. Women of Change, Philanthropist of the Year Award and recognized for her selfless service.

It is Dr. D’s desire is to see every woman rise to the occasion of whom she has been called to be and live a whole free life. She lives by her mantra, “I’m a fearless Chick, Loved by God, Created by God,and Purposed in the earth. I’m Naked and not ashamed, The Bondage of my past is breathtaking and FREEing TODAY, I’m Reclaiming my freedom, I’m unstoppable, I’m a #FREEdomCHiCK.”