Our Mission


The mission of Women That Soar is to empower and encourage all women to feel confident in their unique talents and capabilities, to understand the power of unity and to be strong in their journeys to productive, enriched lives.


By bringing together a diverse group of women to honor and celebrate those who have charted their own paths to successful and rewarding lives, Women That Soar will use the stories of those women to bring clarity of purpose to women who are just starting their journeys or are stuck somewhere along the way.

Since 2008, Women That Soar has been dedicated to celebrating brilliant lives of women from all cultural, social, economic and racial backgrounds. By showcasing these women, Women That Soar has exposed hundreds of thousands of women to powerful stories that encourage self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-discipline, innovation, and courageous pursuit of their dreams. A central message is one of inclusiveness and appreciation for the value of community, collaboration and service. Building leaders and innovators, one woman at a time. 

We want all women to believe and own the power of “I Can”.

  • I have unique talents
  • I value my differences
  • I have a voice
  • I will use my voice and I will be heard
  • I know my strengths and my value
  • I will not accept “no” as the final answer
  • I will not fall into the trap of separation and divisiveness’

“I will recognize the uniqueness, the worth, the value of others and together we will soar, live our dreams and blaze a pathway for others.” Gina Grant