MariaChristina Brown

After working her way through just about every aspect of the industry, MariaChristina first made her name in the Real Estate world in the 90’s as a young Latina business woman and being one of the youngest bi-lingual women in Texas to become a full service mortgage brokerage firm. With over 25 years of experience and having the foresight to utilize her unique flare for creative marketing along with her strong business acumen Maria was able to crossover into different markets and has consistently been a top producer throughout her career on both sides of the business, though now focused primarily in Real Estate.

The pathway to who Maria is today was not always an easy one, MariaChristina’s story is quite interesting. After a challenging youth, Maria married and became a young mother during her later teen years and after soon realizing that she needed to finish her education, Maria enrolled herself into Dallas Can Academy, a move that would change the course of her life as she knew it. After only a short time there, the founder of the academy took Maria under his wing after seeing great potential in her and sensing the situation she was in.

Upon graduating, Maria became the 1st student of Dallas-Can to be hired on as a full-time employee and more importantly to her, a mentor to other students. During her time there, Maria served as a mentor and student advocate and became the face of the schools recruiting and registration efforts at the time. She worked in everything from representing kids in truancy court to meeting with probation officers in some cases. Maria even worked to implement events such as a beauty pageant that she convinced the Oak Cliff Chambers of Commerce to sponsor and include as a part of their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. It was very important to Maria that the students saw their self-worth and learned that there was a different side to the only world they knew, something that Maria herself had to learn the hard way. You see, during all this time, showing up every day with a smile on her face and a positive can-do attitude while helping others, very few would ever know that Maria herself was not only raising two kids almost single-handedly and getting around town with no car, she was also a victim of domestic abuse. However, Maria kept her faith and will tell you that by helping others she found peace and strength that helped her find her own self-worth as she began to prepare for her next journey, putting herself through school while working as she slowly began her move into the sales and Real Estate world with just her and her kids.

MariaChristina’s journey reflects in her business model as well as her unique personality, even though a tough shell on the outside and one of the best negotiators you’ll ever meet as a business person, she remains humble, kind and thankful for her life now and takes great joy in helping others through charity events, fund raisers or just volunteering whenever she can and remains a strong advocate against domestic abuse for women and children. Maria strongly believes that everyone has a special path carved out for them in life and sometimes it just takes someone special along the way to point them in the right direction… Maria’s path led her to her soulmate, the partner by her side, supporting her in every aspect of life since her divorce in her late 20’s and now husband of over 12 years, who Maria calls the missing piece to her puzzle.

The two share a special bond that is rare now days and have successfully proven to work as a team over the years while founding The Mirame Group with Maria now operating Mirame The Agency and Jeff operating Mirame Development Group serving both commercial and residential clients. Outside of business, their time is devoted to their family, their 2 adult kids and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Mirame has a very special and sacred meaning to Maria, as it is the Spanish word for “Look at Me”. She remembers her mentor saying over and over, “look at you”, “look at you, you’re better than this and life has something special in store for you.”

Maria says the name Mirame not only stands for her journey in life, to which she can now say, yes look at me now, but it’s the word she wants every client to say as they close on their home or business and enter the next journey of their life…

MIRAME“Look at me” now