Former Honoree Mina Chang

Mina Chang is the president of Linking the World, an international humanitarian aid organization working in over 40 countries providing disaster response, feeding programs, mobile medical aid, educational initiatives, music and creative arts programs.

As the eldest child of Salvation Army commanding officers, Chang grew up immersed in inner city social programs, world mission projects and got a first-hand look at how these efforts can change and save lives. Her childhood exposed her to the entire economic spectrum around the world. As a child, she did not see poverty-stricken children of disaster areas as any different from herself, but she instinctively knew they needed help. As a graduate of the University of the Nations, Mina studied development and aid practices with the goal of one day dedicating her life to becoming a full time aid worker.

A love of music drew Chang to a successful recording career in Asia with two albums and it was during this time that she was invited to become an Ambassador for Linking the World. As a recording artist, Chang was afforded the opportunity to bring widespread attention to her charity work and most importantly, to the plight of children and families in need.

Her desire to alleviate suffering and inspire hope and joy around the world eventually inspired Chang to retire from performing in order to work full time with disaster response teams and Linking the World.

In 2012, she was named president of the United States branch of the organization.

Some of Linking the World’s successes include building a School of Peace in Afghanistan, food distribution in Kenya and Somalia as well as resettlement assistance for North Korean refugees. Chang has personally been involved in the disaster response to the earthquake and cholera outbreaks in Haiti, the tsunami in Asia and in New Orleans following the hurricane. She has worked in some of the world’s most dangerous and desperate slum communities such as Kibera in Kenya and Citi Soliel in Haiti.

One of the most effective ways to be helpful to those in need is to first understand how and why suffering people arrived to their current situations. Chang’s belief that a person has every right not to see themselves as a victim of their circumstances, resonates through every program and relief effort provided by Linking the World.