Steve Kemble – Women That Soar 2022

Steve Kemble

Steve Kemble, recently profiled in The New York Times, is a known commodity. The world-renowned fashion and life-style expert, named one of the “Top 10 in the World” by Departures Magazine, has thrown bashes for the likes of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, the Dallas Cowboys, Oprah Winfrey and many names one would recognize from the Forbes list. He’s built himself into a brand as “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru”.

Kemble expanded his brand during the last decade through TV, radio, and hosting events where he has used his bright, engaging personality on The Today Show, E’s “Oscar’s Red Carpet,” NBC’s “Globes’ Red Carpet,” “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway,” “Platinum Weddings,”, Good Morning America, “Real Housewives of Dallas,” “The Donny Deutsch Show,” “The Melissa Rivers Show,” and more.