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As we celebrate our seventh year in business, WTS continues to build a strong and powerful media platform. Our signature event, the “Women That Soar” awards will soon become a nationally televised awards show.

This is not just another awards show. It is a celebration of the personal and professional accomplishments of women. The show tells compelling stories of women who have overcome trials and tribulations, in their personal or professional lives. The evening opens with red carpet interviews, musical acts and electrifying entertainment.

There is a star-studded cast, as well as, unsung heroes. It’s a combination of entertainment and powerful, compelling vignettes, that tell each woman’s story.

Women That Soar honors women in (10) categories. These categories comprise the fields of business, entertainment, sports, politics, civic and many more.

The award show brings women together on one stage, for one night, with one goal: To empower, inspire and celebrate the accomplishment of one another.

No other media platform honors women and tell their compelling emotional stories in real-life examples as WTS. The award show allows women from different races to see influential women who look like them making a difference in this world.

The Women That Soar Awards celebrates the women we honor by recounting their own unique feminine journey. The show moves women to tears. It encourages them to get up, get motivated, and motivate others!

Creating a global brand from a global movement is Women That Soar. The two-hour program will capture the essence of what women want. It is exciting; uplifting; contemporary; emotional; and full of Wow!

Never in the history of network broadcasting has there been a signature, televised awards show that has brought such a diverse group of women together from race, gender, social and economical backgrounds together.