Soaring With Gina Grant On Huffington Post

We are so honored to have been chosen as a weekly contributor to Huffington Post. Arianne Huffington has blessed us with a wonderful opportunity to support each other and keep working together to create powerful women to #soar. Our first feature is with Gina Grant, CEO of Women That Soar. We delve deeply into her life, trials and tribulations as a young mother who worked tirelessly to create a good foundation for her children and her future. Care and share this post, and above all, continue to soar.

For Gina Grant, founder and CEO of Women That Soar, the idea of building a brand and platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering women isn’t just an abstract ideal. It’s personal. Her story begins as a familiar one. A seventeen-year-old girl gets pregnant and makes the choice to keep and raise the child as a single, teenage mother.

For countless girls in similar circumstances, that situation would mark the beginning of an endless cycle of poverty and struggle. But Gina saw things very differently. Having her first child at the age of seventeen, and pregnant again with at set of twins by the she was nineteen, there was no time for woe is me. “At that moment, I realized that there were three individuals that depended on me. Everything I did was about becoming a better person so I could raise my children to become better individuals and successful in society. The only way to do that was by being that person myself.”