Don’t Fear The Journey

My heart is overwhelmed with pure joy. Women That Soar held its First Annual Dare2Soar Day! There were so many challenges. Our initial plan was so ambitious, but what I didn’t realize was that our plan wasn’t God’s plan. We weren’t ready to operate on such a grand scale. He simply required that my team and I simply go. It was that simple. We needed only to get started and let Him guide the rest of the journey!

In spite of the challenge, we pushed forward and successfully launched a virtual event, asking women around the world to post words of encouragement on their Social Media pages. We requested words that would help women release their fears and allow their dreams to Soar. Once we allowed God to lead, it became simple, easy, and stress free.

That’s when something dawned on me.

When God gives us an idea or assignment, we often want to say, “Thanks. I’ve got it from here.” This is where we always get in trouble. Or, let me say that it is where and when I get in trouble. I become fearful. I know plenty of you feel the same way. No matter how many times God has spoken to you, shown you, and promised to provide and protect you, you remain in dead-end situations. Out of fear, you stay on a job that you despise. You remain in an abusive relationship. You remain connected to toxic friends and family because you are afraid. I challenge anyone in such a situation to trust in the person you were created to be. Trust in God’s ability to enlarge who you are and what you have.

The Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.” This day is all about women knowing the power God has given us. We should embrace it! We should exude it, and share it with others we encounter in a loving, gentle manner. In doing so, we help our fellow sister and man along the way.

My words of encouragement for all women on this day is to release anything and anyone that is holding you back from being all God created you to be. Don’t be afraid of the journey; embrace it. There will be challenging moments, days, weeks, months and maybe years. It is all part of the process. Trust me; I know. I’ve been there. I now push forward with all I have, knowing God and all of you have my back! Nothing can stop us from Soaring!

Until next time, continue to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within! #Dare2Soar #WomenThatSoar

Gina Grant