Thailand Entrepreneur Master Kanokpat is Setting the Standard in the Booming Beauty Biz

by Vivian Fullerlove

Phuket is an island off the southern coast of Thailand and has a population of about 416,000 persons. Two pillars make up the economy of the island: rubber tree plants and tourism. Life on the island for natives can be very challenging because while Phuket’s beaches are lined with many luxurious hotels and resorts for expats and travelers, many Thai families live on what they are able to sell from street carts and various marketplaces, or they work in the hospitality industry.

Former TV announcer and news reporter Kanokpat Hongsakultanachot has carved a very different path for herself to become one of the most sought-after beauty experts in Thailand. Her salon, Kanokpat Beauty Academy of Phuket, offers a wide array of beauty enhancement services including eyebrow microblading, permanent make-up tattooing, and scalp microblading to restore the male hairline.

Master Kanokpat was introduced to microblading thirteen years ago while she was still an on-air personality for Television of Thailand as a news reporter. She was so inspired by the process, she decided to become a student of the art. That decision would change the trajectory of her career, future, and mark her first step towards entrepreneurship. “Being a television reporter at the time, I was always very aware of my appearance,” says Kanokpat. “I loved how I felt after having my brows micro bladed. I felt more confident and ready to face the world!”

After finishing her training, Kanokpat began working part-time in the profession, and ultimately decided to retire from the television industry opening her own business. She opened her first small studio ten years ago. This was no easy task, she explains, “Being the first one to do something is quite challenging. Phuket has several salons for hair and clothing, but there was no other salon just for eyebrow microblading. My own mother didn’t understand how I would sustain a business off a service that was only needed once every year or two. But I had my vision, and I had my goals, and no one else had anything like this.” Kanokpat did not let the naysayers deter her. While launching her business she maintained both a primary job and “side hustle.” Her hard work and determination soon paid off, and she was able to focus solely on her new business venture. Four years ago, she opened her current location, a luxurious, two-story salon in the Chalong District.

Kanokpat credits her success with taking the time to analyze all aspects of the business before stepping into it on her own. She believes three things are necessary for becoming a successful entrepreneur: have a goal and believe you can do it, invest the proper time into learning all there is to know about your desired business to the point of being an employee of someone else in the industry if necessary, and lastly, do it! Her love and passion for her career is obvious in her work and in her clients’ satisfaction. She concludes, “I love my work. When a client looks at themselves in the mirror and says, ‘I love my eyebrows, or Master, you changed my life!’ and I make them happy…that is why I do what I do!”

Master Kanokpat Hongsakultanachot, a woman who is soaring!