The Journey Is Not Easy

The Journey is not always easy. Yesterday was a really tough day. I’m sure many of us asked why? Why would someone commit such a unmanageable act against innocent children and people? Well…the why isn’t important. What is important is we don’t loose our faith. What’s important is we continue to rejoice, serve and help […]

Know Your Audience

I don’t attend a lot of networking events anymore. However, when I do, I make sure to do research on who, what and why? I’ve learned my time is very valuable, so when I decide to attend a function or schedule a meeting, I must find value in it. Prior to committing to attending a […]


For a while, I’ve been contemplating having an open discussion on the issue of race. I planned it several times. Yet, I always felt it was too sensitive of a topic. However, after hearing that the producers of The Bible were being criticized for making the character Satan resemble President Obama, I felt it was […]

Take Off The Mask

This past weekend I read about the passing of Pastor Rick Warren’s son. My initial thought, why? What could possibly cause him to take his life? He had wonderful parents, success, and a love for God. What more could anyone desire? Then it hit me, I had all these things when I sunk to my […]

A Mother’s Love

As we approach Mother’s Day, I reflected back on my days as a little girl. My days watching my mom in the kitchen making breakfast for me and my siblings. She never gave us cold cereal for breakfast. And if she did…it was simply to hold us over until she could make a hot breakfast. […]

Reality IS

The older I get the more I’m focused on things that really help promote my mental, spirtual and physical growth. I no longer focus or seek the things I did in my twenties or thrities. I now wake every day grateful for life and all it brings. Reality is…I’m constantly focused on my reason for […]