Women That Soar Millennial Monday Highlight Reja Yousuf Uses The MDA Platform To Ensure Muslim Girls Aren’t Excluded!

By: Kristen Geez This Monday we had the pleasure of spotlighting 22 year old Reja Yousuf, who is the brand ambassador for the first professional Muslim women sorority in the country, called Mu Delta Alpha. The Mu Delta Alpha sorority was founded in 2014, as the first Muslim women sorority in Texas and the second […]

Women That Soar Monday Millennial Highlight “Raquel Gonzalez Helping Women Empower One Another!”

by Kristen Geez When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in media? My first taste with the communications world was with the Boys & Girls Club in Chicago. Every Saturday we would go to Loyola University and go live with our show. It was called “Club Kids on the Radio.” We thought […]

Free to…Be

As my team and I approach the tenth annual, “Women That Soar Awards,” my heart and mind both overflow with emotion. I am thankful. I am nervous. I am overwhelmed. But, more than anything, I am proud of what my team and I have accomplished over the past 10 years. In 2007, I was told […]

Girl, don’t!

When I learned of the latest tirade from Oscar winning actress, comedian, talk show host and author, Mo’Nique, all I could think was “Girl, don’t!” I thought about the damage she was doing to her career and persona. How can she bounce back from the horrific berating of Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels? She […]

A Place of Peace

We live in a world of uncertainty, a world where most of us are connected 24/7; never disconnecting for down time or a moment of silence. Personally, I prefer living life at a slower pace. A life that allows me to disconnect from all the noise and distractions around me. A life where I enjoy […]

Dare To Soar!

Life has so much to offer when we simply listen to that still, small voice that whispers to us. Ten years ago, I took a leap of faith and launched my media company, “Women That Soar”. I had no clue or idea ‎what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to produce empowering and […]