Maggie Jalufka Sova

Maggie Jalufka Sova is CEO of Bova Diamonds and has been involved since 1999 in the wholesale- jewelry side of the diamond industry. She is currently working on a jewelry line that will be exclusive to Bova. She donates to many organizations unique custom designed jewelry pieces for many causes.

Some of the organizations that Maggie is involved in volunteering:
Attitudes & Attire
Kidney Texas
Chidren’s Medical Center
Women That Soar

She is the author of “Spirit of the Eagle.” Maggie takes us into her intensely private world
and using the majestic eagle as an analogy, Which demonstrates how to achieve inner peace while making dreams become reality. She explains how keep a daily journal will assist in eliminating many worries caused by every day stress.

Maggie is a free-spirited self-motivator who works with numerous women’s groups, and charitable organizations. Some of the charities that Bova donates to :

Junior League of Dallas
Dallas Margarita Society
Family Gateway
Attitudes & Attire
Dow Rescue Me
Texas Torah Institute
Ft worth Contemporary Music Festival
Kidney Texas