Santia Deck

From Owning a Shoe Company to Football Fame, Santia Deck is Busy Making History. With a multi-million dollar contract to play tackle football and her very own shoe company, 28-year-old Santia Deck is just getting started. She became the first woman to sign a multimillion-dollar contract to play professional tackle football and will also be the face of the Women’s Football League Association (WFLA) and the star of its Los Angeles Fames organization.

Santia Deck is a certified personal fitness trainer, former track and field athlete, professional rugby and American football player, and entrepreneur. She has played professional football and rugby for leagues like Rugby Union, Legends Football League (LFL), and Women’s Football League Association (WFLA).

Besides sports, Deck has also ventured into entrepreneurship. She established TRONUS, her sneakers selling company, in July 2020. She endorses her products through the official Instagram handle @tronusofficial. Moreover, she also sells them through the company’s official website,

After shattering all the rules by becoming the first sneaker company ever owned by a woman athlete, Santia Deck, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based TRONUS, is now celebrating a new deal that makes her line of Black-owned shoes and slides available in-store at multiple locations of The Athlete’s Foot shoe store chain across the country.

Santia Deck is a rising star, and a young woman who is soaring…