Gray Hawn

gray-hawnGray Hawn of Austin is an internationally renowned photographer whose work is displayed in the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Shakespearean Theater in London and the Epcot Center in Florida. Her photographs have been published on more than sixty magazine covers and her work is included in the Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America, shown worldwide.

Gray photographed the last formal portrait of Princess Grace of Monaco in addition to creating an official government stamp portrait of Prince Ranier III and Princess Grace. In 1998 she traveled to India to photograph royal subjects and other dignitaries, as well as many top CEOs and executives of corporate America. Her style is recognized by many of her famous clients, including President Jimmy Carter, President George W. Bush, Sophia Loren, President of Mexico Jose Lopez Portillo, Farrah Fawcett, Rod Stewart, Lady Bird Johnson, Baroness de Nadine Rothschild, and Tommy Lee Jones. In 2000 her fine art watercolor prints of the White House were used as diplomatic gifts by President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

Gray’s photographic art has won numerous “Best of Show” awards and her salon exhibitions have been acclaimed throughout the United States. In 1996 she was awarded the degree of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers Association of America for her photographic accomplishments. In 2006 Women In Photography International Turning Silver, 25th Anniversary, Gray took home first place. Since 1983 she has produced and directed children’s television documentaries, for which she has won numerous awards, including a national “Best Programming” award for children. Gray has also played an active role in the community by chairing over thirty non-profit events and organizations.

Jack Curtis, author of 100 Best Portrait and Wedding Photographers, said the following about Gray Hawn: “We may look back on her renaissance style and impressionistic feeling and recognize it as a new school of photography.”

Gray gets in front of the camera, backstage, after photographing Rod Stewart at a private concert in 2006. Movie stars, presidents, heads of state. She photographed the last formal portrait of Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco in her palace. That resulted in a commission for an official government stamp portrait of Prince Rainer III and Princess Grace of Monaco. Then there’s Sophia Loren, Rod Stewart, Mexico president Lopez Portillo, President Jimmy Carter, Lady Bird Johnson, and Baroness Nadine de Rothschild. Her work hangs everywhere from the finest homes to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., to the Shakespearean Theater in London. Her talents have graced the pages of Town and Country, Texas Monthly, Ultra, and British Vogue, to name a few. No location is too exotic for her talents; from the beaches of Nantucket to the safaris of Africa, she’s captured it through the magic of her lens. Gray Hawn is also a fine artist and an award-winning producer of children’s documentaries