About Overcomers

What is the show about?

Overcomers, a unique docuseries, hosted by Gina Grant, is a revealing and inspiring journey about the trials and triumphs of single Moms.

Gina Grant shares her riveting personal story of becoming a single Mother at the age of 17 and how she overcame many challenges and setbacks to become a successful corporate executive, a devoted Mom and Wife and now a booming entrepreneur and real estate mogul committed to building affordable housing in Dallas, Texas. The series follows Gina as she remains committed to sharing her story to inspire others. By standing with these five Mothers as they support each other to gain real life skills and level up, Gina along with professionals help them become gainfully employed, deal with past trauma, budget management and more in the quest to OVERCOME. Through a series of intense physical, financial and life-coaching exercises, one of these deserving Mothers will be gifted a brand-new home to jumpstart their new lives.

Why should people watch?

The Overcomers cast, their children and their circumstances are real and relatable. While their stories are unique, single Motherhood is not. In fact, as of 2022, there are 11 million Moms who are single – that’s 23% of all moms in the United States. The coaches and professionals are inspiring and effective offering practical tips easily adopted by all viewers. Overcomers will fuel the undeniable spirit of all moms (in fact, all humans!) to overcome for themselves and their families.

Overcomers will inspire, inform, entertain, and empower viewers to overcome their life challenges and soar.

Who is in the show?

Gina Grant, Vickki Williams, Crystal Peaks, Emily Palacios, Stephanie Cox, LaShawn Richardson, and a team of industry experts (life coach, financial literacy, health/nutrition) – Dr. Cathy Moffit, Dr. Shirely Luu, Coach Cedric Bailey

Key features and highlights of the show?

Each supporting cast member has a unique story. Interactions with their kids, family members, coaches and their daily struggles will engage a broad range of viewers. Gina’s personal journey – deeply personal revelations, her kid’s perspectives, her dedication to revitalize the community she grew up in and her current life dynamics deliver a dose of reality seasoned with hope, humor and inspiration for Moms, Women and all viewers.

What should everyone know about this show?

All of us are connected by struggle and challenges. The Overcomers docuseries proves that we can all OVERCOME with support, guidance, hope and practical skills.