WTS Real Estate Ventures

Women That Soar Real Estate Ventures is focused on developing and delivering affordable housing for underserved and under-represented communities across the United States.  The Real Estate Ventures division drives the physical manifestation of WTS’s mission to create a better future for those who are ready to OVERCOME and SOAR to success. 

Gina Grant, CEO of Women That Soar, channels her personal experience as once a young, single Mom, to give back and make an impact in the lives of others.She has successfully utilized her rich connections to generate funds, partnerships, and shared agendas to deliver the goods.  Gina and her team, work with commercial developers, banks, and the City of Dallas to create mutually beneficial partnerships to buy land and build homes that revitalize once-thriving communities.

One of the first ventures for WTS is the purchase of land in the Dallas, Bonton area. WTS partnered with the City of Dallas to build 5 affordable, three-bedroom, 2-bath homes for families in need.

This partnership is the pilot to launch the Overcomers model across the county in underserved communities, with the focus on gifting a brand-new home to a single mother, helping to close the wealth gap in black and brown communities.

Construction Projects