When life hands you lemons, throw them back and demand oranges! That’s the premise of Jazz & Gina’s Mimosa Moment’s. When purging with friends over brunch isn’t an option, buckle up for a ride with Jazz & Gina for a little brunch therapy via “Mimosa Moments. No topic is off limits with these two. Their candid conversations cover everything from overcoming life’s challenges to sexual fantasies and even menopause, yes, they cover that too. Each topic has a healthy dose of humor. At times they feature various experts, celebrities, and comedians to forge through discussions like mental health, finances, and self-doubt—all while never losing their light-hearted touch and ability to laugh.

The frank and awkward discussions can be uncomfortable, but with their humorous and good girlfriend delivery, listeners are reminded it’s exactly what they needed. And that no matter how many lemons life gives you, or what you have to overcome, a mimosa moment filled with giggles and girlfriends can be the best dose of medicine a girl needs.

Mimosa Moment’s