Dee Simmons

simmons2Dee Simmons is a renowned author, television and radio personality, nutrition expert, and cancer survivor. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987, Dee “took charge” of her life and her health and began a journey to obtain the knowledge to prevent her cancer from reoccurring. The death of her mother from cancer six years later confirmed her mission and prompted her to dedicate much of her time to helping other cancer victims battle the disease.

An icon in the fashion industry, owning couture showrooms in Dallas and New York, Dee was featured regularly in Women’s’ Wear Daily and other fashion industry publications. Then came the diagnosis of breast cancer. She immediately became an ardent student of nutrition as a powerful weapon against not only cancer, but of all disease, and was so committed to her studies that she gave up her burgeoning fashion business to travel the globe meeting with the nutritional experts and doctors. The result is that today Dee Simmons is the Founder and Chairman of a highly respected nutritional supplement and skin care company, Ultimate Living International.

Dee appears regularly on both regional and national television programs and is often a featured guest on morning talk shows. Frequently scheduled as a keynote speaker at seminars and conferences, Dee is a personality that shines through adversity and offers hope and optimism to her audiences.

Dee and her husband, Glenn Simmons, a highly respected businessman and community leader, live in Dallas. Their daughter, D’Andra, is also an executive at Ultimate Living. As the company continues to grow, Dee and D’Andra continue to expand Ultimate Living’s product line, using new and cutting edge ingredients to meet the growing demand for their family of superior nutritional supplements and skin care products.

Even with a hectic business and travel schedule, Dee still finds time to counsel and educate cancer patients and also serves on the board of several charity organizations that help to benefit the community of Dallas.