Dr. Stamatina (Matula) Adams

Born in Athens, Greece, Dr. Stamatina (Matula) Adams has made it her life’s mission to help others. As a mother, a wife, and a doctor, she has cherished every single opportunity she has had to give back. Matula was studying medicine, on track to pursue her goal of becoming a doctor, when life intervened as it often does. Recently married Matula happily learned she was pregnant; she then made the carefully thought-out decision to stay home with her child, who was to be the first of 3. After a gratifying period as a stay-at-home mother, Matula returned to work in 2011, to complete her long journey to becoming a doctor. Matula began the process of studying for her Medical Board Exams, with the goal of finding a residency position in internal medicine, a very challenging task. At this time, she also volunteered at doctors’ offices and clinics. After overcoming a slew of obstacles, while Matula was doing her residency in Queens, New York, she found herself at the heart of the Covid crisis. Not to be deterred, Matula, alongside countless other first responders, helped take our country through that terrifying time. Today, Matula continues to practice medicine, is an active community volunteer, and an advocate for the underserved. Her list of accomplishments and awards is lengthy and impressive, but to date, her she believes her greatest gift, and contribution, to be the impact she makes daily as a doctor, a wife, and a mother to her three children.